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While HealthCrest is seeing a reduced level of ground up ASC development across the country due to the existing number of ASCs, we are always looking to evaluate and assist surgeon partners with development opportunities.Development


Development (De Novo or Start Up ASCs)

Our Continued Commitment to Developing New Surgery Centers

With 9 ASCs, and over 50 sleep labs, HealthCrest is well versed in the development of new facilities. When you select HealthCrest as your Development partner to build your new ASC we will assist you in every phase of the project. With your vision and our expertise, the possibilities are endless.


Read more about our surgery center development services.

Viability Analysis

HealthCrest will help you answer the following questions:  Does the project make sense?  Are there an adequate number of physician partners and cases?  How many ORs or Procedure Rooms will the facility need based on anticipated volumes?

Formation of Legal Entities

HealthCrest will coordinate or arrange for the formation of all necessary legal entities for the project as well as all necessary legal document preparation for the facility.

Location Selection and Acquisition of Land or Lease of Space

If you prefer, HealthCrest will assist in every step of the process. We can set up, or arrange for Real Estate holding companies which can hold the land and building, and lease the building back to the operating entity, thereby creating yet another investment vehicle for physicians. If you prefer we can identify a suitable location to lease and build out the ASC to the desired specifications.

Design and Construction

HealthCrest will retain industry experts in the design and construction phases of the ASC tailored to your specific location and anticipated case types and volumes.


Partnering with HealthCrest

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